You are owner of a real estate

For Better Selling!

The real-estate's market is in constant evolution. The prices differ from a residence to the other one, according to the situation, the sight, the condition and the lot of other criterias.
We propose you a right and free estimation of your estate thanks to our comparative method " PTM " (Price / Truth / Market).
This analysis allow us to have a reliable and always updated knowledge of the practised prices.

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For Better Hiring!

How to rent your property in all confidence?

Strong points of our service hiring:

  • Freedom: you have the priority for the choice of the periods for your personal occupations. The duration of the mandate is one year renewable tacitly.
  • Information of the periods rented as soon as possible, ship's log of your accomodation realting all which touches your asset. A good communication establishes the confidence.
  • Safety: systematic accompanying of each of our tenants with an inventory of fixtures at the arrival and the departure, in support of guarantee.
  • Profitability: our interests are the same ones as yours because we have a percentage on the rental incomes that we pay to you.
    • Renting estimation
    • Aeration and surveillance contract
    • Laundry service
    • Estimated cost for your works
    • Internet access
  • Payment at the latest one month after the departure of the tenant, or quickly on simple request.
  • Presence: our agency is open all over the year, our team residing on the station.
  • Communication: an Internet site very visited our European customers in a wink, publicity in various newspapers, a partnership with the office of tourism, the detailed photographic compositions.
  • Reception: a different agency, original windows, cold drinks, gift of welcome, rapid take charge... Faithful customers are the sign of a serious agency.
  • Personalization: each customer is a special case, we will as well as possible study your interests and we will answer all your requirements.


Rental fees

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