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Sales fee rates

Calculation of agency fees

The fees are calculated by applying a variable percentage per price bracket to the public. The percentage of the scale below is applied to each tranche of the total price.
The agency's fees including tax are obtained by adding the amounts calculated for each tranche.

The table below indicates in the column "Accumulation", the amount of fees including VAT corresponding to the price facing it.

Real estate or commercial transaction fees due to AGENCE IMMOBILIERE DU PORT Sarl for the sale of real estate are included in the selling prices displayed for each real estate for sale.
As such, no participation in fees will be requested from the purchaser of a property whose displayed selling price does not include any particular mention.
However, in some transactions, fees may be payable by the purchaser in addition to the price. In this case, the mention "agency fees in addition" and the amount including tax of these fees would be displayed.

Fees relating to the marketing of new housing programs are subject to sales contracts not subject to the scale below. The sale prices displayed also include agency fees.

Apart from the exceptional cases mentioned above and clearly indicated, the transaction fees received by the agency are included in the sale price. They are due by the seller according to the agreement stipulated in the sales mandate.

Price bands in Euros Taux Cumul
From 1 € to 3.811 € minimum perception 14,00 % 533 €
From 3.811 € to 7.622 € 11,00 % 953 €
From 7.622 € to 15.245 € 9,50 % 1.677 €
From 15.245 € to 22.867 € 8,00 % 2.287 €
From 22.867 € to 60.980 € 8,00 % 5.336 €
From 60.980 € to 152.449 € 8,00 % 12.653 €
Beyond 152.449 € 7,50 %  

Examples of fee calculation on a sale



Rental fee rates

Seasonal rentals


The fees due to SARL AIP "Agence Immobilière du Port" for seasonal rental services are included in the displayed prices. There is no charge to tenants in addition to these rates.

The Agency collects in addition to the flat fee of 25,00 € for any booking contract.

We inform our customers that a tourist tax is collected on behalf of the Municipality.It is due by any seasonal tenant.


The Agency collects fees for the following activities:

The rate of fees collected by the Agency for all of these services is 26.34% excluding tax of the rent paid by the tenant. To these fees exclusive of tax is added VAT at the current rate of 20.00%, which brings them there to 31.50% including tax.

For the sake of simplification, the Management Mandate concluded between the agency and the owner will indicate the net amount of fees due to the latter for each rental period.

Other rentals

Residential lease

Commercial walls

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